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Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal)

This PC workstation also provides access to the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal). You can start the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal) directly from here: To the Digital Reading Room

Access to the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal) is not available at this PC workstation. Please see the workstation list (in German) to find out which PCs offer access.

Frequently-used reference works and textbooks are often only available in printed form. To allow convenient access to this material the University Library has digitized around 200 textbooks, reference works and heavily-used monographs from almost all subject areas.

In the online catalogue it is easy to recognize digitized titles in the search results list; they are denoted as "Fulltext" under the tab "Get document".

For copyright reasons these digitized works are available for use only at designated on-site work-stations. You will find these special PCs in the following libraries:

  • the Zentralbibliothek (Main Library)

  • the Zentrale Lehrbuchsammlung (Central Textbook Collection)

  • all the Subject Libraries.

List of designated PC work-stations for the Digital Reading Room (198 kB) (in German)

Use of the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal)

The PCs at which the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal) can be accessed are clearly marked in the listed libraries. You can read the digitized titles at these work-stations. There are two ways to access an electronic document:

  • Start the online catalogue and search there for the book you require. Select the tab "Get document". In the line beginning "Fulltext" click on "follow link". This will take you directly to the required book in the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal).
  • Alternatively you can search for the book directly in the Digital Reading Room (Digitaler Lesesaal) by clicking on the appropriate icon on the desktop of a designated PC.

Please note that for copyright reasons it is not permitted to print or download content from the digitized books.

List of all titles in the Digital Reading Room (309 kB)

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