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DEAL contract with Wiley

Like most other universities, the LMU has signed up to the Germany-wide Project DEAL agreement with the publishing house Wiley. This agreement provides members of the LMU not only with electronic access to all Wiley journals but also with new ways of publishing research results Open Access.

The agreement will initially run for a period of three years (2019-2021).

Contents of the agreement

The agreement with Wiley specifically confers the following usage rights on all researchers and students of the LMU:

Reading access

You will have electronic access to the complete collection of Wiley journals published since 1997 (about 1,600 journals). Permanent archive rights will ensure all of these journals remain available even after the agreement expires.

All journals are accessible via the EZB (Electronic Journals Library).

Link to the EZB with all journals

Hybrid Open Access

From 01.07.2019 onwards all LMU researchers have the option, but not the obligation, to publish their research articles in Wiley subscription journals (so-called "hybrid journals") under a Creative Commons publishing licence. If the Corresponding author is a member of a German institution that has signed the DEAL contract with Wiley, there will be no additional publication fees for the authors. The University Library recommends using the licence CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.

Gold Open Access

In addition, it will also still be possible to publish in Wiley's Open Access journals ("Gold Open Access"). Wiley will grant all LMU members a 20% discount on the associated publication fees. These costs will not be funded centrally, but must be borne by the relevant institutes, departments and faculties.

Significance of the agreement

  • This means that the publications of members of the LMU will be available free to interested scholars worldwide. This will mean a considerable increase in the visibility of this research work, simplifying its re-use whilst continuing to respect the rights of the authors.
  • All articles published via the Project DEAL agreement with Wiley will additionally be made available via the University Library's publications server and will thus remain permanently archived at the LMU

Contact partners at the University Library

  • For help on electronic publishing and Open Access:
    Electronic Publications Division
    Volker Schallehn:
    Tel. 089 2180-2144
  • For help on the agreement, the journal licences and the accessibility of the journals:
    Central Media Processing Department
    Simon Xalter:
    Tel. 089 2180-3401

Further information

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