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All of our E-tutorials are available only in German.

Introduction to Citavi 5


Do you want to use the reference management software Citavi but can't get to the Citavi training sessions? No problem! Just watch this recording of the training programme. You can also use the "virtual message board" to ask the trainer questions.

Introduction to EndNote X7

Endnote-Schulung-Titelfolie1Do you want to use the reference management software EndNote but can't get to the EndNote training sessions? No problem! Just watch this recording of the training programme. You can also use the "virtual message board" to ask the trainer questions.

Read journal articles directly on your PC: Campuslieferdienst (campus delivery service)


The Campuslieferdienst scans and delivers texts by mail to the academic staff and postgraduate doctoral candidates of the LMU. In this film you will learn how the service works and how to submit an order.

My book is out on loan


Is the book you need already out on loan? Before you make a reservation it is worthwhile checking to see if a copy is available at any other location.

Set up alerts in the online catalogue


Do want to be informed when new literature by a particular person or on a special subject becomes available in the University Library? Use the function "SDI service" in the online catalogue to set up automatic alerts.

Activate Citavi Picker in your web browser


With the useful Citavi Picker add-on you can import data directly into your Citavi project. In some cases you will need to manually activate the add-on in your browser.

Download and apply a LMU citation style for Citavi


In the Citation Styles Download Centre you will find styles specially created for Citavi to meet the requirements of individual professors or faculties. Watch this screencast to find out how to use these styles.

How to submit a Citavi file together with your final thesis


This screencast will show you how to save/burn all the relevant components of your Citavi project to a USB thumb drive/CD-ROM so that you can submit the project together with your final thesis.

The University Library at a glance


This film gives you a summary view of the most important libraries in the University Library system: the Zentralbibliothek (Main Library), the Zentrale Lehrbuchsammlung (Central Textbook Collection) and the Fachbibliotheken (Subject Libraries).



This screencast will show you how to use the E-Media Login to use the University Library's e-books, e-journals and databases.

E-Media bookmarklet


This screencast will show you how to create a bookmark link to the login page. You can use this function to unlock any paid text providing it has been licensed by the University Library.

From Google Scholar to the journal article text


Go directly from your Google Scholar search to journal articles licensed by the LMU. In this tutorial you will learn what settings you need to use and how access to the article texts works.

"I'm looking for a book!"

Ich suche ein Buch

This e-tutorial will give you a quick and easy introduction to the most important features of the online catalogue.

"I'm looking for a journal article!"

Ich suche einen Aufsatz

This short and simple e-tutorial will help you to use the Datenbank-Infosystem (Database Information System) to search for important articles in scholarly journals.

"I'm looking for an e-journal!"

Ich suche ein E-JournalDo you want to read a particular subject journal online? This e-tutorial will show you how to find it in the Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (Electronic Journals Library) with only a few clicks.

"I'm looking for an e-book!"

Ich suche ein E-Book

Do you want to use the University Library's e-books? Watch this e-tutorial to find out how to use e-books in your work any time you need them.

Interlibrary loan


Do you need a particular book but have been unable to find it in any of the Munich libraries and would therefore like to order it from a library elsewhere? This e-tutorial will explain the interlibrary loans service in a few easy steps.