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Open Access at the LMU

Open Access publishing services for authors

The University Library enables LMU members to publish their scholarly works electronically on our publications servers (repositories).

Publications on the LMU Open Access repositories

The repositories of the University Library offer scholarly publications, theses, research data, digitized versions of rare books and manuscripts of the University Library, staff and student registers and much more.

Open Access LMU

Repository for Open Access publications of LMU members and digitized works from the older collections in the University Library.

Electronic theses

Repository of electronic theses submitted to the LMU.

Open Data LMU

Repository for the publication and hosting of research data from the LMU.

Open Journals LMU

Infrastructure for Open Access journals edited by members of the LMU.


Digital collections of the University Library

Digitized versions of the historic collections at the University Library.


Documents with particular significance for the history of the University such as staff and students registers (part of the repository Open Access LMU).


Electronic versions of outstanding works of the University Library: about 180 manuscripts, incunabula and rare prints (part of the repository Open Access LMU).

MALTE - Münchner Altbestände

Digitized versions of old prints for free public use (part of the repository Open Access LMU).

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