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Photocopiers are stationed at all the University Library's 15 locations and a charge is made for copies. Please use the LMUcard or the Legic-Karte issued by Studentenwerk (Student Services Office) to pay for your copies. We regret that payment in cash is not possible.

About the Mensa card


Price per pageblack and whitecolour
DIN A4 0.05 Euros 0.15 Euros
DIN A3 0.10 Euros 0.30 Euros

You will need at least 0.55 Euros of credit on your card to make copies.

Locations of colour copier and copier with DIN A3 paper size

You can make colour copies at the following University Library locations:

LocationDIN A4 b/wDIN A4 colourDIN A3 b/wDIN A3 colour
Cip-Pool 1 yes no yes no
Cip-Pool 2 yes yes no no
Zentrale Lehrbuchsammlung yes no no no
FB Biologie und Biomedizin yes yes yes on
FB Chemie und Pharmazie yes yes yes yes
FB Englischer Garten yes no yes no
FB Geowissenschaften yes yes yes no
FB Historicum yes no yes no
FB Kunstwissenschaften yes yes yes yes
FB Mathematik und Physik yes no no no
FB Medizinische Lesehalle yes yes yes yes
FB Philologicum yes yes yes yes
FB Psychologie, Pädagogik und Soziologie yes no yes no
FB Theologie und Philosophie yes yes yes yes
FB Tiermedizin yes no no no
FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Statistik yes no no no
Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek
Klinikum Großhadern
yes yes yes yes


How to use the photocopiers

  1. Place your LMUcard or Legic-Karte on the card reader, which you will find on the right-hand side of the copier.
  2. The amount of credit on the card will be checked and activated for the system. Please leave your LMUcard or Legic-Karte on the card reader during the entire printing procedure, including the final logout.
  3. Select the function "Copy" on the touch screen.
  4. Place your original document on the platen (glass plate).
  5. Enter the desired print settings, then press the green button.
  6. For further options, such as "single-sided to double-sided" etc., press the Ricoh menu button.
  7. The so-called document feeder can be used to scan multiple loose sheets. Place the originals with the text side uppermost in the feed tray on the top cover of the photocopier.
  8. As soon as printing has finished, ensure you log out correctly using the logout button on the copier.
  9. When the display shows that the remaining credit has been booked back to your LMUcard or Legic-Karte, please remove your Card from the card reader. Please note: To ensure credit is booked back correctly, please do not remove your LMUcard or Legic-Karte from the card reader until the logout procedure has been completed. If necessary replace your LMUcard or Legic-Karte on the card reader.

You will find illustrated instructions on the wall poster near each of our photocopiers.