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Installing EndNote

You can download EndNote X8 for Mac and Windows via the University Library's E-Media Login. Click on the link for the operating system on your computer at the end of this section and log in with your LMU user ID details.

Parallel installation of both Citavi and EndNote on a single computer

You can also install both Citavi and EndNote on your computer at the same time provided you are using the operating system Windows.

Installation directions for Windows users

Please click on the download link and save the executable installation file to your computer. To begin the installation you must first unpack the zip file to a local drive - please do not start the installation directly from the zipped archived files!

Unpacking the file creates a new folder on your computer. Open this folder and start the installation by double-clicking on the file ENX8Inst.msi. Please follow the directions in the installation set-up menu.

The installation does not require a serial number or a product key.

Download EndNote X8 for Windows

Installation directions for Mac users

After downloading EndNote, the installation file „EndNoteX8SiteInstaller.dmg” will be situated in the download folder of the Finder. Please start the installation programme. A window containing the button "Install EndNote" opens, double-clicking it will start the installation process. Please follow the instructions.

The installation does not require a serial number or a product key.

Download EndNote X8 for Apple OS X (Mac)

Installation directions for iPad

You can use the desktop version of EndNote simultaneously on your iPad. All you need is an EnNote web account. Just synchronize your EndNote library with your iPad to gain access to all features offered.
At the moment EndNote is only available for iPad.

Installation directions for iPad

Important directions on installing EndNote on all operating systems

Before you begin installing EndNote please close any other programs currently running, otherwise the plug-in „Cite While You Write” (CWYW) cannot be installed to your word-processing software. You may find - particularly in the case of a Mac (Apple OSX) installation - that CWYW has not been properly installed in your Word program. If that should be the case, the installation and configuration directions for EndNote given below will help you.

Once you have exmatriculated (i.e. left the University, for example on completion of your studies), or terminated your employment contract with the LMU, you will not be able to continue using EndNote. You must uninstall the software.

Further information on EndNote