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Research data

Research data includes all data created during the research process. It does not, however, include the finished publication produced on the basis of the data.

The University Library provides you with support to help you manage your research data according to FAIR principles: Are your data "Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable”?

The FAIR Data Principles (125 KB)

Open Data LMU

The repository Open Data LMU offers you a platform for the publication of your research data according to Open Access principles.

The University Library service in detail:

  • Provision of the technical infrastructure
  • Comprehensive and trustworthy advice on research data management, for example in connection with the preparation of research applications and data management plans
  • Assignment of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), guaranteeing long-term citability
  • Long-term archival of your research data
  • Usage statistics

Open Data LMU

Guidance on managing and publishing research data

Data management plan

The use of a data management plan in the creation and management of your research data may help you to keep track of your work. Some research organisations already require you to submit a detailed documentation of how you intend to manage your data.


Among other things, the publication of research data depends on licensing issues and the sensitivity of the data. Please check the terms of your contract carefully and make sure any unclear issues have been resolved beforehand.


Metadata play a particularly important role in ensuring the discoverability of your research data. Please make sure from the start that you observe any guidelines issued by the repository operator.

Advantages of publishing your data

Publishing your research data makes the research process more transparent and understandable. It also enables your data to be used for other research projects.

Other platforms for research data

In addition to the University's own institutional repository Open Data LMU there are a large number of subject-related repositories which can be used for the publication of research data. Use the search engine Re3Data to find a suitable repository for your data.

Re3Data search engine

The "E-Humanities – interdisziplinär" project

The University Library is constantly expanding its interdisciplinary research data service within the framework of the project "eHumanities – interdisziplinär". Together with the University Library at Erlangen-Nuremberg and the IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften ITG (LMU Center for Digital Humanities), the UB is in the process of developing new support methods and best practice recommendations for research data management. Project results will be published on the University Library website and can be re-used by other disciplines.

Description of the project "eHumanities – interdisziplinär" (in German)

LMU Center for Digital Humanities (in German)