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Research data

Research data are all kinds of data that arise during the research process. The final publication is not indicated as research data.

The University Library supports you in your research data management according to the FAIR-Principles: Are your data „Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable“?

The FAIR-Data-principles (125 KB)

Research data management

Individual planning for acquiring, publishing, archiving and reusing data is necessary in order to make research data management (RDM) efficient.
The following stages of resarch data management serve as orientation:

  • At the beginning of the project
    • Creation of a data management plan (DMP)
    • Planing of the data modelling
    • Data collection
  • During the project
    • Data analysis
    • Data documentation by assignment of metadata
    • Creation of collaborative research environments
    • Data visualization
    • Data back up
  • Archiving
    • Data selection
    • Final allocation of metadata
    • Application of reusable data formats
  • Publishing & reuse
    • possible media and options (Open Access) for publishing
    • Considering legal issues (e.g. copyright, data security) and possible embargos
    • Publishing primary data (e.g. on a repository)
    • Assignment of persistent identifiers (DOI)



To simplify and coordinate the research data management process it may be helpful to create a workflow. Feel free to contact us if you need help creating your individual workflow. Furthermore the University Library provides special tools that facilitate the implementation of some work steps:

Create data management plans with RDMO – Research Data Management Organiser

A data management plan structures the handling of research data in a scientific project. The LMU University Library offers an instance of the web-based software Research Data Management Organiser (RDMO) to help you create research management plans for your project. As a member of LMU you can register free of charge.
RDMO supports you in planning projects and administrating data management tasks throughout the whole data life cycle. The questionaires included in RDMO are the basis of the data management plan. The questions indicate different issues which are important for the creation of data management plans. The questionaires are based on requirements of different research funders.


RDMO - Quick Start Guide

RDMO - Quick Start Guide (822 KB)

Open Data LMU

The repository Open Data LMU offers you a platform for the publication of your research data according to Open Access principles. The allocation of a digital object identifier (DOI) assures long-term citation. Furthermore long term storage of the research data is guaranteed.

Open Data LMU

In addition to the University's own institutional repository Open Data LMU there are a large number of subject-related repositories which can be used for the publication of research data. Use the search engine re3data to find a suitable repository for your data.

Search engine re3data 

RDM Information

The University Library has established the RDM Information for scholars and students of all LMU faculties. You can contact the information at

The project "eHumanities – interdisziplinär"

The University Library is constantly expanding its interdisciplinary research data service within the framework of the project "eHumanities – interdisziplinär". Together with the University Library at Erlangen-Nuremberg and the IT-Gruppe Geisteswissenschaften ITG (LMU Center for Digital Humanities), the University Library of the LMU finds itself in the process of developing new support methods and best practice recommendations for research data management. Project results will be published on the website of the University Library and can be reused by other disciplines.

Description of the project "eHumanities – interdisziplinär" (in German)

Services provided by LMU Center for Digital Humanities - ITG (in German)

Tutorials as Open Educational Resources (OER)

Within the framework of the project "eHumanities – interdisziplinär" the University Library at Erlangen-Nuremberg has developed a series of online tutorials to provide an introduction to research data management. So far there are three issues supplemented by a detailed glossary.