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Citavi support

Introductory courses offered by the University Library

The University Library offers a number of general training courses to help you get started and to incorporate Citavi seamlessly into your academic work process.

"Introduction to Citavi" course

Training video "Introduction to Citavi" (in German)


Help and one-on-one support for Citavi users

You will find answers to frequently-asked questions, manuals and guidance on Citavi's support site.

You can also contact Citavi directly with your questions and problems. A useful hint: Enter the first 3 numbers of the product ID in the query form to ensure your enquiry receives priority treatment. You will find the product ID of your Citavi version in the Help menu under "License".

The University Library is also happy to offer personal help and support to Citavi users. Just send an e-mail with your question to the contact address in the service area on the right-hand side of this web page.

Citavi support portal

Citavi contact portal


Helpful information on getting starting and using Citavi

Citavi 4 - Getting started (265 kB)

E-tutorial "Quick introduction to Citavi 4" (German)


Special tips on using Citavi

Creating a citation style in Citavi 4

If you want to adapt or change a citation style, this e-tutorial on creating a citation style in Citavi 4 will help you.

E-tutorial "Creating a citiation style in Citavi 4" (German)


Citavi and your final thesis

You submit all relevant components of your Citavi project together with your final thesis by saving or burning them on a USB thumb drive or respectively a CD-ROM.

E-tutorial “How to submit a Citavi file together with your final thesis” (in German)


Importing data with Citavi Picker

The small browser plug-in Citavi Picker will enable you to grab web pages for your Citavi project quickly and easily as well as to import ISBN numbers and much more with only a few mouse clicks. The Picker will be installed automatically when you install Citavi.
The e-tutorial on Citavi Picker will show you how to use the Picker.

E-tutorial "How to use Citavi Picker" (in German)

E-Tutorial “Activate Citavi Picker in your Firefox browser” (in German)


Importing search results from the University Library online catalogue into Citavi

To import search results from the University Library's online catalogue, please use Mozilla Firefox as your browser and follow these brief directions.

  • Conduct your search in the University Library online catalogue as usual.
  • Add your selected results (books, journals etc.) to your watch list by simply clicking on the link "Add to My List" below the title.
  • Display your list by clicking on the tab "My List" in the blue menu bar in the online catalogue.
  • Switch from "Brief records" to "Full records".
  • In the drop-down menu under "Save/E-mail/Print" in the far right-hand column, choose "Bib Tex", then click on the „Save” link immediately below.
  • The Mozilla import window will open; at the prompt "Open with" choose Citavi as program, then click on "OK".
  • If necessary, you can correct special characters or the document type from within Citavi.

As an alternative to importing results from the online catalogue you can use the Citavi Settings File to conduct your search from directly within the online catalogue. 


Online searching in databases using the Citavi Settings File

Many of the databases licensed by the University Library will let you conduct your search in the required database directly from within Citavi using the Citavi Settings File.

Please first save the Citavi Settings File to your computer. You will need your LMU account details to log in via the E-Media Login.

Then import the Citavi Settings File into your Citavi program:

  • From the "Tools" menu in Citavi choose the item "Import or export settings".
  • Select the option "Import".
  • Go to the download folder on your computer and select the file "Citavi_Einstellungsdatei_Universität_Muenchen_Apr_2012".
  • Click "Browse".
  • Select the settings you want to import.
  • Then click "Finish".

Please note that the online search feature will only be fully functional if you have authenticated your account by logging in using the E-Media Login.

Download the Citavi Settings File

Learn more about the LMU account (in German)

Learn more about the University Library E-Media Login