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Scan service for the LMU's learning platforms

The University Library is offering the LMU teaching staff a free scan service for the LMU's learning platforms and electronic reserve collections (Semesterapparate). This service is available for printed literature, and excludes literature which is also available electronically. Please inform the UB about your literature requirements by completing the order form.

How the scan service works:

  • Complete the order form linked below and submitting it to the Library.
  • You will receive your scan by e-mail in PDF format.
  • You can now add the scan to your learning platform.

Use of the scan service is subject to the following copyright regulations:

  • Scans of whole journal articles or up to 15% of monographs are permissible
  • Access to the scans must be limited to participants of the respective course

Order form "Scans for the LMU learning platforms"