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Open Access LMUOpen Journals LMU

Open Access stands for free and unlimited access to scholarly publications on the internet. It offers scholars many advantages:

  • Easy accessibility: Open Access publications are indexed by search engines such as Google Scholar and BASE, making them easy for anyone to find.
  • Excellent visibility: Studies show that Open Access publications are cited more often than other, less freely accessible publications. Open Access enhances your scholarly reputation and can help you procure third-party funding.
  • Uncomplicated legal status: If you initially publish your work as an Open Access publication you will retain the exclusive usage rights. By granting an appropriate licence (e.g. a Creative-Commons licence) you stipulate how others are permitted to re-use your work.

Google Scholar

BASE search engine (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)

Creative Commons (CC)

High quality Open Access journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

Subject-specific Open Access

Open Access LMU

The Open Access LMU publications server provides you with a platform for the initial or secondary electronic publication of your scholarly texts.

The University Library's service

The University Library's Open Access LMU provides you with a stable and visible infrastructure for the publication of your work:

  • hosting of the required technical and organisational framework
  • guidance and support for authors during the publication process
  • reliable publication addressing through the use of so-called "Persistent Identifiers" (URNs), registered with the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)
  • OAI-PMH interface for the exchange of standardised metadata with other servers. This ensures that your publications will be found by search engines and bibliographical indices all over the world
  • long-term archiving guarantee for all publications
  • guaranteed availability of all documents on the server for at least 10 years
  • user statistics compilation: find out how often your publications have been downloaded

It is especially important for young scholars seeking to advance their careers to have their work published by leading publishing houses or journals. However, many publishers will permit the secondary publication of your work on the publications server of your own institution, usually after a so-called embargo period of several months has elapsed.

If you inititally want to publish your work in printed form only, and you wish to retain the electronic publications rights, please negotiate an appropriate contract with your publishers.

Information on the parallel Open Access publication of conventionally-published works (SHERPA-RoMEO list)

Open Access LMU home page

Publishing on Open Access LMU

You can publish the following materials on the server, subject to copyright law:

  • Monographs (in whole or in part)
  • Contributions or chapters from collected editions or compilations
  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Talks or lectures, which may also include images, videos or audio documents in addition to text
  • Diploma, master's, bachelor's or magister theses must fulfil certain criteria before they can be published. Ask your academic tutor for more information.

Please upload your thesis to the server Electronic Theses of the LMU Munich.

Uploading publications to Open Access LMU

Information on final degree theses on Open Access LMU

Electronic theses of LMU Munich

Deleting or modifying documents

Once published, documents can only be deleted from the server in exceptional circumstances, such as when there are legal problems. If the content of a document is modified the document will be saved as a new version.

Copyright law

As author you are responsible for ensuring that third-party legal rights regarding copyright and usage are observed.

Legal framework

List of your own publications

You can create your own personal list of publications by entering the appropriate bibliographic details and, if copyright permits, the full text of your works to the Open Access LMU server. These data can be embedded in the website of your department. They will be automatically updated there as soon as new data are uploaded to the server.

You can also export your data, for example in the formats BibTex, EndNote, HTML, Reference Manager or Text Citation. This means you can take your publications list with you if you leave the LMU.

If you would like to use Open Access LMU for your personal publications list, please contact the Electronic Publications Department at the University Library. You will find the contact details in the service column on the right.

Below is an example of a list of publications on Open Access LMU showing how it is displayed on the author's departmental website.

Publications list on Open Access LMU

Publications list on a departmental website


Open Journals LMU

With Open Journals LMU you can publish an open access journal or convert an existing print publication into an open access journal. You can use Open Journals LMU to organise the entire editorial process from the submission of the journal articles through the peer-review procedure right up to final publication. 

Your journal will enjoy long-term public availability through the University Library and will be registered in the relevant indexing systems. 

The technical basis of Open Journals LMU is Open Journal Systems, an up-to-date free open-source publication management software. 

Open Journal Systems

Funding support

Funding for the launch of an Open Access journal or the conversion of an existing journal to an Open Access model may be available from the DFG within the scope of its programme "Infrastructure for Electronic Publications and Digital Science Communication". 

"Infrastructure for Electronic Publications and Digital Science Communication" Programme

Information on Open Journals at the LMU

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