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Borrowing from the Zentralbibliothek (Main Library)

Collection | Loan period | Lending for Reading Room use only

To borrow an item from the Zentralbibliothek (Main Library), please order it first in the online catalogue. It will then be fetched from the stacks and held until you collect it.


The date on which you can collect your item will be displayed when you submit your order. It will usually be one to three days after you have placed your order. Please make a note of this date as you will not receive any further reminders.

Your item will be held for nine days following your order in the Collection Area of the Circulation Hall. If it is not collected within this time it will be returned to the stacks.

The media are arranged in the Collection Area by pick-up number. The pick-up number is the two-digit number printed in bold at the bottom right-hand corner of your LMUcard or your library card.

You must have your LMUcard or your library card and password (which is initially preset to your date of birth, DD/MM/YY) with you to borrow books. Please check out your books at one of the two self-service checkout terminals in the Collection Area.

If you are borrowing media on behalf of another user, please bring the following with you:

  • written authority from the other user
  • the LMUcard or library card of the other user
  • your own ID with photo

Some particular media cannot be borrowed via the self-service terminals and have to be picked up at the counter in the collection area:

  • Bundled media and CDs
  • Books ordered via interlibrary loan

Loan period

Books, journal volumes, CDs: 4 weeks, 4 renewals of 2 weeks each provided the item has not been reserved.

The loan period begins when you collect your media. You can keep an eye on the due date by checking your library account or looking at the issue slip you received when you borrowed the item.


Lending for Reading Room use only

Older books and certain kinds of material are not available for off-site loan. You can only order them for use in either the General or the Rare Books Reading Room.

The following media are only available for use in the Reading Room:

  • books published more than 100 years ago
  • books and journals in a fragile state
  • books in folio format (more than 30 cm long)
  • typed dissertations and faculty copies of dissertations
  • maps
  • loose-leaf works
  • microfilms and microfiches
  • books with more than 3 loose supplements
  • works with spiral bindings

If you prefer to work in the library you may also order all other books and media for use in the Reading Room.