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Number of items you can borrow

Please note the changed lending conditions and terms of use during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Students may borrow a maximum of 25 media, therefrom 10 media from the open access collection from the subject libraries. Included are also items registered to your account which you already have on loan.


User groupMax. number of items
LMU and TU students 25 items
LMU students preparing their final undergraduate dissertation Contingent can be increased to 50 items
by sending an e-mail to
LMU postgraduate doctoral candidates 50 items
LMU and TU academic staff 50 items
LMU Departments 150 items
Secondary and high school students 25 items
Trainee teachers and private individuals 25 items

For the holdings of our textbook collections, the borrowing privileges of academic staff and postgradual doctoral candidates are less extensive. Detailed information can be found on our website under “Borrowing from the textbook collections”.

Borrowing from the textbook collections